Still Alive #7
Added 8 weeks 6 days ago
Posedown 100:16 320Kbps Urban Boogie 5
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Still Alive #6
Added 8 weeks 6 days ago
Posedown 88:15 320Kbps Urban Boogie 5
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Still Alive #5
Added 8 weeks 6 days ago
Posedown 97:41 320Kbps Urban Boogie 7
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Still Alive #4
Added 8 weeks 6 days ago
Posedown 95:18 320Kbps Urban Boogie 7
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Radio FranDisco - April 16 2019
Added 9 weeks 6 days ago
Radio FranDisco 106:52 192Kbps Urban Boogie 84
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Radio FranDisco - April 9 2019
Added 10 weeks 6 days ago
Radio FranDisco 118:01 192Kbps Urban Boogie 63
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Voodoo Soundsystem-4-9-19 w/Dj Meeshu on Dubplate.fm
Added 10 weeks 6 days ago

Dub, dubstep, bass music, rasta, psychedelic.
More music @ https://www.mixcloud.com/djmeeshu/

1 Smile Is The Key by Panda Dub
2 Dub Is My Prayer (Piper Street Sound remix) by Boom One Sound System
3 Jah Red Gold and Green by Disrupt
4 Chase The Devil (Nephilim remix) by Max Romeo
5 Black Velvet by Morphy
6 Warrior Style by Phase Selector Sound
7 Northside Cheng Dub by Blackdown
8 Ultra Binghi (Brain Melter mix) by Twilight Circus
9 Bubble by Salmonella Dub
10 Prisoner Of Dub by Sub Oslo
11 Somehow (Dub Tractor dub) by Rough Days For Diamond Trade
12 Slyy by Twilight Circus

Meeshu 54:21 320Kbps 90
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Jawbone Enlight Thymeless Finale
Added 11 weeks 2 days ago
Jawbone 53:20 320Kbps Dub & Bass 193
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Jawbone On Subtle Fm hOSTED bY nICK E tEE
Added 11 weeks 2 days ago


Jawbone 57:56 320Kbps 81
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Dubslingers Finale Mar 20 2019 Bloody-l and SubHuman back to back
Added 11 weeks 4 days ago

This is the closing set at the dubslingers finale at Thymeless Reggae Bar. BLOODY-L and SubHuman back to back, with MC Enlight on the mic. The first four tracks played by BLOODY-L, the next four tracks played by Subhuman, then two for two until the last four or five tracks which were one for one.

89:50 320Kbps Dub & Bass 138
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Sound System Essentials Vol.1
Added 11 weeks 5 days ago

My favourite selections from the last year as Dub Donor and myself have been building the flagship rig of the Utility Sound System

Nathan Lovesspa... 63:24 160Kbps Dub & Bass 153
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Radio Frandisco - April 2 2019
Added 11 weeks 5 days ago
Radio FranDisco 117:48 192Kbps 60
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Radio Frandisco - March 26 2019
Added 11 weeks 6 days ago
Radio FranDisco 111:24 192Kbps 35
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Equinox Mini Mix - Spring 2019
Added 11 weeks 6 days ago

Here's to the arrival of longer and warmer days, as well as the return of outdoor dancefloor season!
This mini mix is a jam session I had recently to check in on my recording levels. Since I've been really digging it in my regular rotation, I decided to post it up as this years spring offering.
Enjoy fellow bass creatures.

Track List:
DDD Collab - Durandal
Office Vibes - Durandal
Razorblade - D-operation Drop
Problems - Chad Dubz
Mind Machine - Daega Sound
Unleashed - Gremlinz & AxH
Release - Indiji
Way Mi Defend - Khan
Medication - Causa
Zambutu Shake - J:Kenzo
Dread - Khan

Photo Cred : Mandala Ataksak

Mandala Ataksak 25:30 320Kbps Dub & Bass 425
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One Last Thyme
Added 12 weeks 3 hours ago

The live recording from Thyme Zone Production's final event at Thymeless!!
"One Last Thyme" the closing event for Thymeless March 27th 2019
8 Djs. 6 30min sets & 2 45min closing sets. The recording started a few minutes late so 26mins is the end of the first set. Dj line-up in order as follows:
Hakan Loob (0:00 - 26:02)
Tremors (26:02 - 55:30)
Taberman (55:30 - 1:25:30)
CDJs being changed 1:25:30 - 1:26:00
Double Negative (1:26:00 - 1:55:18)
Selectra (1:55:18 - 2:26:11)
Shank (2:26:11 - 2:53:53)
Dj Slide (2:53:53 - 3:37:00)
Prestin3 (3:37:00 - 4:28:10)

Double Negative 269:04 320Kbps Drum 'n Bass 99
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The Dose With Niko - 03.26.2019
Added 12 weeks 4 days ago

Live recording of The DOSE with Niko from March 26th, 2019.
Next episode airs April 30th, 8-10pm, EST.


Opening Mix: Pugilist Studio Mix - Feb 2019
Pugilistmusic – Pugilist-studio-mix-feb-2019

Mood Dub - Coki
All Of A Sudden - Coki
Shakuhachi - Tetrad
Activated - Rabbit Holes
Can't Escape It - 1137
Woozy - Jafu
Phantom - Von D
Belly - Mr. K
Mind Rain - Martyn
Why - Martyn
Stamina(Breaka's Final Lap version) - NOH VAE
Pretty Bright Light - RSD
Nonordinance - Kercha & Blurred Signs
For Real - NGHT DRPS x Kabuki
Diversify (Niko remix) - synapps
Samos - Tetrad
The Monster Inside - Cee Reality
112017 U1 (The Visitor) - Jonah K
M.I.C. - Tetrad
lo (The Desert Moon) - Jonah K
PSR B1257 (The Dead System) - Jonah K
Kinda Mad - Groves
Uselef - Groves
VOTPW - Groves
We Don't Give A Damn - Greazus
Barrel Fever - Dubmonger
Done - DEFT
Flight Control - Sapling
Twisted - Oakk
For Sudden VIP - DEFT
Amalgam x Mountain Dub - Recombinated By RogueState
Deaf Echos - Quests
Outer Limits - Niko
Voids Two - Martyn
Vancouver - Martyn
Hell Yeah - Niko

Niko 124:06 320Kbps Dub & Bass 219
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Guestmix for Abysmal Entities Jan-2018
Added 14 weeks 5 days ago

This is my 2018 guestmix for Abysmal Entities.
The description below is copied from the original AE soundcloud post.

Starting off the new year with some deep and murky dungeon vibes from the bass witch Mandala Ataksak, out of Ontario, Canada. She has been making some serious moves and this mix is a prime example why. Fully equipped with tunes from high caliber artists all around the globe, blended very carefully and meticulously to drift your mind in a ritual of sound. Please let us know your thoughts, show some love to her page, and be on the lookout for more of her work in the future! Many big things in store.

Follow & Support Mandala Ataksak:
Bookings: mizzmandala@gmail.com

Photo & Make-Up by Mandala Ataksak
Edit by EX!D [Lucysfear]:

Mandala Ataksak 44:34 320Kbps 127
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Radio FranDisco- Live To Air - March 12 2019
Added 14 weeks 5 days ago

we live to air for Radio FranDisco
every Tuesday night from 7pm until 9pm Eastern Time

we got the 2nd Saturday of every month @ The Beaver // 1192 Queen St W, Toronto for Fisher Price presents A Drag Tribute to : (every month a different theme)
us DJing all the things + Drag Queens performing


the last Saturday of every month @ Dundas Video // 831 Dundas St W, Toronto for Do Better
us DJing all the things all night

Radio FranDisco 106:17 192Kbps Urban Boogie 111
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Space Jams 1.5: Emily Magpie Live Lounge ( Folk/ Indie)
Added 14 weeks 6 days ago

The first in a series of Space Jams Live Lounge, starting with Bristolian indie folk songstress Emily Magpie, with trip hop/ ambient electronic beats in the first half provided by your resident DJ JD

D J. J D. S E T

01. The Architect - Les Pensees
02. Pretty Lights - Finally Moving
03. Derek Dunbar - Hey Girl
04. Tommy Largo - It's The Best
05. Nujabes - Blessing It (Feat Substantial & Pase Rock)
06. Slakker - Virorp!
07. Kilo Kish: Curious (Le Flex Remix)
08. Thandi - Callin
09. Stelvio Cipriani - Mary's Theme
10. Static Shore - In the Dust
11. Thandi - Stay
12. Hunter - Over The Rainbow
13. Phoenix# 2772 - Earth 3
14. Undervatten - At the Mall
15. Pomo & Harrison Brome - Intoxicated
16. Ground Level - Stay
17. HUI - Howloon
18. AK - AA0799
19. DeKobe - Fantasy
20. Emily Magpie - Be Your Own Light

E M I L Y. M A G P I E L I V E. L O U N G E

01. Emily Magpie: Last Train
02. Emily Magpie: Stranger
03. Emily Magpie: Be Your Own Light
04. Emily Magpie: Things I'd Do
05. Pixies: Hey (Emily Magpie Cover)

DJ JD 119:58 320Kbps 5 Pointz 101
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Space Jams 1.4: DJ Scenester (Horror Synthwave/ Dark Synthwave)
Added 14 weeks 6 days ago

f you're gonna do a Halloween special, you may as well go all out, right? Darkwave and Synth remixes of horror classics, featuring DJ Scenester from Hook Up The Doll

D J J D. S E T

01. Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein: One Blink For Yes
02. Scandroid: Thriller
03. Dynatron: Pulse Power
04. Julian Winding: The Demon Dance
05. Moon: Quixotic
06. Le Castle Vania: John Wick Mode
07. Gost: Chasm
08. Soohan: This is Halloween (Mr Jennings Remix)
09. Magnavox: Ghostbusters
10. MrKitty: After Dark
11. Tears For Fears: Head Over Heels
12. Tears For Fears: Head Over Heels (Scenester Remix)
13. Gunship: Tech Noir (Carpenter Brut Remix)
14. Nodfather: Bladerunnertypebeat
15. Star Noir: Exploring Reflections (Feat Aeronexus)
16. John Murphy: In The House In A Heartbeat (Oxylice Remix)
17. The Outrider: Ragnarok
18. OfDream: Thelema
19. Le Matos: End of Summer

D J. S c e n e s t e r. S E T

1 Perturbator - Halloween Theme
2 NIGHTMARE ON ELM ST. THEME (Dance with the Dead Remix)
3 DreamReaper - Goosebumps Theme
4 Caspro - Stranger Things (Synthwave Theme Cover)
5 Garth Knight - Creepshow Theme
6 Ghost - Dance Macabre (Carpenter Brut Remix)
7. Kavinsky: Nightcall
8. Lana Del Rey: Born to Die (Maximum Love Remix)
9. Perturbator: Hard Wired with Isabella Goloversic
10. A Flock of Seagulls: I Ran (Scenester remix)
11. ALEX & Rachel McAlpine: Dead romance
12. Queens of the Stone Age: Make It Wit Chu (Virgin Magnetic Material Remix)
13. The Eagles: Hotel California cover feat Rolly Rocket & Ultraboss
14. Depeche Mode: Enjoy the Silence (Trevor Something cover)

DJ JD 119:47 320Kbps 5 Pointz 72
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