Curious Stranger

So this year I attended Solstice 2018 gathering and for me it was the 1st time I've attended since 2012. Needless to say that i really needed this and the entire week completely rejuvenated my mind and soul. The week also gave way to some amazing musical inspiration and really challenged me as to how i approach music as a whole. So take a listen to see what I've created


Into The Trees (Club Mix) - Henry Cullen, Pattrix
Violin G2-F (Harry Axt Remix) - Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner
Confessions Of An Opium-Eater (Original Mix) - Danton Eeprom
Empire Of Dreams (Johnny Aemkel, Linda Swallow Nightmare Remix) - MiniMum
The Paranormal (Maetrik Remix) - Voodeux
Roadkill (Maurizio & Danyelino Remix) - Dubfire
Kitch In (Original Mix) - Tim Green
Alone In The Dark Forest (Original Mix) - Linda Swallow
Eden Acid ( The Advent & Industrialyzer Remix) - Tony Rohr
Porto-Mento (Original Mix) - Henry Cullen, Tony Montana, Tom Rox
Here Comes Everybody (Original Mix) - Hobo
Destination (Animal & Me Remix) - Julian Jeweil
Glob Monster (Original Mix) - Maetrik
Get Lost (Original Mix) - Pirupa
Licking Skin (Original Mix) - Marc Houle
Gypsy Queen (Lutzenkirchen Remix) - Pagano
Relax (Original Mix) - Maetrik
Die Maschinen Marschieren (Original Mix) - Boris Brejcha
Freaky Pilot (Original Mix) - Channel X
Atzepeng (Special Berlin Calling Edit) - Paul Kalkbrenner
Malli Mi Mass (Original Mix) - Yuli Fershtat, Gabi 2B
Rave (Original Mix) - Sam Paganini
Midian (Original Mix) - Dubfire
Leave Me Alone (Edit Select vs Gary Beck Remix) - Mark Broom, Dustin Zahn
Samsima (Original Mix) - Gary Beck

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