The Dose with Niko - 05.31.2016

Live recording of The DOSE with Niko from May 31st, 2016.
Next episode airs June 28th, 8-10pm, EST.


Lump Dolphins - Drew's Theory
Sun Travels - Jamie Peligro
Flower - Jamie Peligro
New Dawn (Distinct Motive) - Niko
Morning Ska - Drew's Theory & Chris Ferrantello
Do You Feel My Pulse - Drew's Theory
Moonraker - Unknown
Absent Minder - Unknown
Elevator Orchid - Buca Florist
One - Jamie Peligro
Lie - Quok
Paranoia - Jamie Peligro
Masters Of The Dust (ft. Yogi Beats) - Drew's Theory
Authentic Is The Name - Drew's Theory
Eons - Contribe & Yogi Beats
Armada - Jamie Peligro
Melody Echo - Buca Florist
Private Stock - Buca Florist
Yemaya - Jamie Peligro
So Many - Jang
Radiance - Drew's Theory
I'm Made Out OF Tin - Sapling
25th Hour - Neuropol
Emeralds - DEFT
Mile Out - Neuropol
Lifted - Sully
Blue Velvet - Nympho
Dub With Me - Unknown
Crackers - Atmospherix, MC Fava
Sunset Drive - Rafi:ki
Four Leaf Clover (Von D remix) - Mr. Lager ft. Asher Dust
Ocho Rios - Drew's Theory
Distracted - Otz
Mind Control (Gaze Ill remix) - Krease
Cool Out - Kind Midas Sound
Frequencies - King Midas Sound
Remembering Those Fallen - Sapling

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