The Dose With Niko - 08.29.2017

Live recording of The DOSE with Niko from August 29th, 2017.
Next DOSE is live September 26th, 8-10pm, EST.


Opening: Kaiju x DEEP MEDi x Hospitality In The Park 2017 Mix

After Dark - Otz
Colognia - Kadet P
Blurry Dub - Elefant Doc x Distant Roots
What You Need - Chris Innasound
Letter To Hers - Kadet P
Alprazolam - Elefant Doc
London Region (Bakir & Dubworth remix) - Matty G
Under Dub - Hebbe
Heart Of Yours - Kadet P
Parasite - Clearlight
Blotter - Clearlight
Aura Lore - Tor
Cosmos - A/T/O/S
Aeris - Tor
Ethiopia - Another Channel
Run - Another Channel
Never Lie Twice (Om Unit remix) - Illum Sphere
Myth - Tor
Only You - Congi
pppm - Madegg
Concrete Springs - Dalhas Unai
Quasi - Lophide
Pistol Signal - Opus
dusty gucch
Fake (DJ Madd 160 version) - Jesse Perez
Hold The Filth - DJ Madd
Ninety 3 - Thelem
Mysteries - Thelem
Notchin - Kadet P

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