The Dose With Niko (w/Trick Dicey Guest Mix) - 10.30.2018

Live recording of The DOSE with Niko from October 30th, 2018. This month we welcome Trick Dicey to the studio for a quick chat and live guest mix.
Next episode airs November 27th, 8-10pm, EST.

Opening mix: Boot Live @ Solstice 2018...


Trick Dicey Guest Mix

Imcon (Original Mix) - Marco & Stenny
Clap (Original Mix) - Blake Skowron
Slicing (Original Mix )- Randomer
Suncatcher (Original Mix) - KiNK
The Mabe (Original Mix) - Overmono
Broke (Original Mix) - K-Lone
3c-Us (Original Mix) - Vern & Milla
Drugs Don't Work (Original Mix) - Nurve
Late Night (Original Mix) - Wen
Dark matter (Original Mix) - Merovingian
Dorado (Original Mix) - Doctor Jeep, Fixate
Bell Blender (Original Mix) - Phon.o
Hossam (Original Mix) - TSVI
Major Stef (Original Mix) - iZem
Outsider feat. Farrah (Original Mix) - Etch
Red Ants Genesis (Equiknoxx Remix) - Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement
Isolation Tank (Original Mix) - Leland River
Cold (Original Mix) - Blake Skowron
Superthru (Original Mix) - Neve, AXL
Chase (Original Mix) - Creep n00m
Reflection (Original Mix) - Kelly Dean, Alys Be
Frieght (Original Mix) - Berrik
Something is not right (Original Mix)(Unreleased) - Trick Dicey
No restraint (Original Mix)(Unreleased) - Trick Dicey
Spectrum (Original Mix) - JFO
Systematic Decline (2018 Remaster) - Scuba
Bhaskara's Gift (Original Mix) - Dr. Cloud

Niko's mix:
Diversify (Niko remix) - synapps
For Real - Kabuki x NGHT DRPS
Malum - Somah
Why I Still Love You - Kadet P
Strafe That - FLO
Slithr - Sam ULG
Vector - Teffa
Chemistry - Somah
Tom Toms - Lory Kong
Spooked - JAFU
Swirls & Spirals - ETCH
Snell's Law - ETCH
When You Weren't Looking - Somah
??? - Sapling
??? - Sapling
Spooky Mulder - GREAZUS
Tic Toc - OAKK
Sweat Equity - GREAZUS
Sweat Equity (Groves edit) - GREAZUS
163 303 - Luke Vibert
Chal Dub - Fracture & Neptune
Lost Orbit - ETCH

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