enlight - Out On the Porch Session 1 (OOPS-1) - jun 12 2020

Added on Jun 17, 2020

Out On the Porch Session 1
(recorded on Jun.12th, 2020)
If you like Squarepusher and Congo Natty with equal enthusiasm, this little mini-mix might be for you!

'junglist(no sell out remix)' :: tribe of issachar(congo natty)
'port rhombus' :: squarepusher
'lucid bass i' :: the flashbulb
'human' :: human league
'congo man (dub) :: congo natty
'humanity' :: a guy called gerald
'fade away(remix)' :: 16 armed jack
'vordhosbn' :: aphex twin
'girl boy (nls mix)' :: aphex twin
'i wish you could talk' :: squarepusher

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