Hip Replacement The Second

Added on May 14, 2016

The test results are in...it doesn't look good.
As a remedy, simply run this potent prescription through your player, and repeat as necessary.

List of Ingredients:

2_Danger Modo~Mister Modo
4_Melody~DJ Numark
6_Zeldar~Devin The Dude
7_Sounded Like A Roc~KMD
8_Madness~Deltron 3030
9_Can't Wake Up~KRS-One
10_Power Cypha Volume 1 Outro~Tony Touch
11_Cigarillo~Mister Modo / Jessica Fitoussi
12_Long Awaited-Instrumental~Dilated Peoples
13_15 Step~Radiohead
14_Ultimate Rush~Saukrates
15_Got It Like That-Freestylers Indett Remix~Jungle Brothers
16_Who Stole The Last Piece of Chicken~Organized Konfusion
17_How Hard Is It?~The Fugees
18_What's Up Doc,Can We Rock~Fu-Schnickens
19_Play It Cool~Grand Puba
20_Ghetto-DJ Noodles Remix~Akon
21_Texture Like Sun(Golden Brown)~Me & You vs The Stranglers
22_2-3 Break~Beatnuts
23_Investigative Reports~Raekwon Verse
25_Pase Rock's Preestyle~Prefuse 73
26_Sound Of The Zeekers~Leaders Of The New School
27_15 After Da Hour~Timbaland & Magoo
28_Pussy Cat ~DJ Yoda / Mr. David Viner
29_Rockin' Hip Hop-Instrumental~Large Professor
30_Make Up Your Mind~Kool Keith
31_Box Chevy~Yelawolf
32_Slowmo~2xFreestyle (MC Det & Skibadee)
33_Watch Yo Nuggets~Redman
34_Now & Then~Prince Po / TomC3
35_Irrelevant~Mad Kap
36_Bran Nu Swetta~Digital Underground
37_2 Brothers With Check~Kool Keith
38_Buddy X~Neneh Cherry / Biggie Smalls
39_Humrush-Instrumental~KMD / SD-50
40_Concrete Schoolyard~Jurassic 5
41_In The Loop~Eric Ryan
42_It's Your Thing~Cold Grits
43_Ruff Percusion~One Cut
44_Essay On Pseudonysm~Arcee / Little Jazz
45_Ten To Run~Cru
46_Dedicated-Instrumental~MF Doom
47_Shroom Music~Quasimoto
48_Good Cop, Bad Cop~Blahzay Blahzay
49_All In~The Grouch
51_And So~Boot Camp Clik
52_Extra Abstract Skillz~Mad Skillz / Q-Tip
53_Human Beat Box~Fat Boys
54_Find That~Beatnuts
55_Locomotive~Mop Mop
56_Talkin' Loud & Sayin Nothing~Ceux Qui Marchent Debout
57_Short Range~Breez Evahflowin'
58_Rhythm Of The Rain~Kno
59_Southside Da Realist~Big Tuck / Michael '5000' Watts
60_Game Over~Koji Kondo

Image: Imaginary Foundation

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