Jawbone - Anti-Fassy Spray (Live at Bass Of Hearts Feb 5 2012)

Added on Feb 8, 2012

Demon - Chang Caine
Kutz - Colours
Daega-Sound - Mole-Man
Pulsar, DJ First Aid - Bombaclat
Lost - Stompa
Killawatt - Floating Weight
Cyrus - Sleeper
Perverse - Helios
Kursa - On The Edge
Dismantle - Broke
Chimpo - Blowfish
Flufftronix - Shark Attack (VIP)
Ad & Subfiltronik - Destroy You
Dismantle - Times Up
Bisweed - Ghouls
Lurka - Blank
50 Carrot - The Lone One
Widowmaker - Shredder
Rob Sparx - Attack of the Wobble
Jakes - Justice

Fassy (noun)

1. A deregatory term for someone. Someone who is irritating or has done something to offend you. The term fassy came back into popular jamaican vernacular around 1997 due to a song with the same name on the Rae Rae riddim.

2. A misunderstood meaning is homosexual. The word was never intended to be used this way, but people who did not know what the word meant originally, created this alternative meaning for it. It is an incorrect definition.

3. (archaic) an old jamaican term meaning an itchy sore

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