Niko Harvest Festival 2017

Here is a recording of my set from Harvest Festival 2017. I played at The Pyramid stage Sunday morning on the mighty 40hz Soundsystem. Lots of love to all who danced and vibed with me on this sunny late summer morning.

Massive thanks to the organizers at Harvest Festival, all the dancers, and my soundsystem family.

Spread good vibrations.


Helios - Sully
Swamp Beat - Ital Tek
Territory Dub - 6Blocc
Headspace - Groves
Transformation - Om Unit
Whole Train - Kid Drama
Room 8 - Macro Data
Cosmo (Niko edit) - Hubwar
X-files - Metafloor
Doom Clone - TMSV
Solar - Niko
Flashin’ - AGO
Witch Doctor (Niko edit) - AxH
Black River - DayZero
Psychedelic - Prophet
Eclipse - Sepia
Original - Nick E. Tee
What You Need - Chris Innasound
F Class - Distinct Motive
Tiger Style (Causa remix) - RDG
Modification - TMSV
Badman - Requake
Reflection - Dubbacle
Burn Baphomet - Von D
Red (dub) - Numa Crew
Dread Come Again - Digid
Wrong Dosage - D-Operation Drop
Four Four Mode - Distinct Motive
Zero Shift - AGO
The Goose That Got Away - Object
Strutterfly - The Widdler
Fu-Gee-La (Sly & Robbie Mix) - Fugees
Totes Breh - Aztek

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