Niko @ ORP Solstice 2016

This is my recreated set from ORP’s Solstice Festival 2016. I had the honour of playing the sunrise set on the ROOT stage Sunday morning. The 40hz Soundsystem took us deep as we welcomed the sun together through dance and heavy weight vibrational therapy. Such magic cannot be replicated, this is my favourite place to play. I worked in some originals, remixes and a brand new one of mine which seemed perfect as the sun bled through the tree line.

Maximum gratitude and respect to the synergy created at this special time. You know who you are.



Stormy Weather ft. Rudy Lee (Danny Scrilla remix) - Sam Binga
Mile Out - Neuropol
I Just - Fracture & Deft
Rotten (Sam Binga remix) - Sully
Mind & Spirit ft. Rider Shafique - Sam Binga
Emeralds - Deft
Elegant Ruins - Sapling
New Dawn - Niko
Refuse - WULF
Jamaican Taxi - Drew’s Theory & Wasteman
Rooted - Dubamine
That’s What I Was Talking About In ’96 - AGO
Spread Out - Sleeper
The Gate - DJG
Flatline - J:Kenzo & Matty G
Dark Water - Niko
Heal - Karma
Intense (Niko remix) - Cloud City
Ego Dub - WULF
Happy Blue - Piezo
Antelope Swing - Piezo
Beat Goes - Krease
Tribal War - WULF
Mokko - Karnage & Mark IV
Daggadub - Yin Yang Audio
HAHA - Niko
Turf W*rz - Matty G
Amphirock (Little Square Dot mashup) - Eskmo, Damian Marley
Hadi Hadi Ah - Commodo
Clone - Headhunter
Global - Drew’s Theory
Soundboi Dread - Chokez
Madda - Chokez
Justice - Kaiju
Hayling - FC/Kahuna
Four Leaf Clover (Von D remix) - Mr Lager ft. Asher Dust
Rewire Desire (Niko remix) - Cloud City
Unknown War - RDG
Sun Travels - Jamie Peligro
Elevater Orchid - Buca Florist
Tip Hop - Tipper


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I FREAKIN LOVE THIS SONG!!!! It takes me places Smile :) Smile

That's the whole point! Makes me happy to know this.