Voodoo Soundsystem-4-9-19 w/Dj Meeshu on Dubplate.fm

Dub, dubstep, bass music, rasta, psychedelic.
More music @ https://www.mixcloud.com/djmeeshu/

1 Smile Is The Key by Panda Dub
2 Dub Is My Prayer (Piper Street Sound remix) by Boom One Sound System
3 Jah Red Gold and Green by Disrupt
4 Chase The Devil (Nephilim remix) by Max Romeo
5 Black Velvet by Morphy
6 Warrior Style by Phase Selector Sound
7 Northside Cheng Dub by Blackdown
8 Ultra Binghi (Brain Melter mix) by Twilight Circus
9 Bubble by Salmonella Dub
10 Prisoner Of Dub by Sub Oslo
11 Somehow (Dub Tractor dub) by Rough Days For Diamond Trade
12 Slyy by Twilight Circus

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