For Sara

Added on Jan 26, 2020

Another RAVE Called Gerald was a lot of fun, and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to make a mix and open up for many talented DJ's at Sara's birthday party. For those who were present, and for those who weren't, here is a recording of the set I had planned for the evening. Thank you so much for attending and listening. It was wonderful to see everyone have such a good time.


Screamer - Roy Bar
Warp 6 - Ill K
Fog (Roklem & Sebalo Remix) - Ramsez
Deeper (Kercha Remix) - Oddkut
The Chamber - Ternion Sound
Leave Me Alone - Drumterror
Killers - IDHS
Dark Heart - L Nix
The Essence - RESO
Decolonize - Egoless
The Mog - Kwizma
Global - Egoless
So Long - AxH & Dayzero
Stubble - Cartridge
Summit (L Nix Remix) - Internal Frequency
Riot - Cartridge
Malignant (Sleeper Remix) - Samba
Sekkle - Distant Roots & Kercha
????(Whatley Bootleg) - ?????
They Arrive - Roklem & Sebalo
Forged - Roklem
Type Zero - SkintDisco
Witchcraft - Dalek One
Kailo - Kwizma
Sabina - Volume A
Nova - Yoofee
Empire of Dirt - Egoless
Same Story Different Time - Yoofee
Fog - Ramsez

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