Submissive Subwoofers Vol.2

Added on Aug 2, 2019

"There is no ethic more supreme than love. But necessary to love is the component of the will. You cannot have love without the freedom to not love. Otherwise you have conformity, compliance; you really don’t have love. So if love is the supreme ethic and the freedom of the will is indispensable to love and the question must keep God in the paradigm then what I would say is the greatest gift of God is the gift of the freedom of our will in order that we can love, but with the greatest gift comes the greatest possible calamity when you violate that love, the entailments actually follow, and so both good is real and evil is real and the human heart must be able to recognize this and choose that which is good otherwise you live in a world of non-concrete expressions where you can choose bad with no consequences." - Ravi Zacharias

This mix is kind of new territory for me, because along with music I would also like to include a strong message. In particular, I would like to use this mix to speak out against rape culture. My first mix was a tease intended to seduce your attention and draw you closer to the speakers. Now that I have your attention, we need to clear something up before we can continue to party and have fun.

There is no such thing as sex without consent.

This is such an important topic because especially in the music scene, certain individuals still struggle to understand what consent is. Collectively getting intoxicated and enjoying music is no excuse, or space for inappropriate comments or uninvited touching. Further, survivors of abuse have difficulty finding a voice to speak their truth because there is so much ongoing denial when it comes to sexual violence. Putting this message out is an homage to survivors, and also my way of dealing with the anger caused by certain people's abuse.

To the many survivors out there, your bravery and endurance is truly inspiring. Please do not stop speaking your truth. We are on the cusp of making some serious societal change for the better because of your courage to share your stories. For those who know me personally, I am also taking this chance to say I will forever believe you and be on your side if you ever decide to confide in me.

Moving forward, I need to see men putting effort into asking first, and continue checking in. Its the only way to really have good quality intimate fun in my humble opinion. I need to hear about more men stepping up to the people who they know are abusers instead of standing beside them as friends. I need to know that the spaces we designate as safe for our parties are truly safe for all the attendees. Otherwise how can we possibly move on and have a good time?

With that being said, let's put an end to rape culture. Let's kick up a storm, and allow the dust to settle. Once the fallout is gone, we can freely dance together until we cant move our feet anymore. <3

Reliquary - Aether
Release - Sebalo
Free Will - Drew's Theory
Forgive Me For My Style - Drew's Theory
Appropriation - Hebbe
Sun Is Shining - S E E N & Jyanigma
Expire - Cubiqle
Less Smell - D-Operation Drop
The Edge - Darj
Atom - Trashbat & Dillard
Swan - Biome
Submarine (Kelly Dean Remix) - Kwizma
Worlds Apart (Frenk Dublin Remix) - L Nix & Nourma
Force Of Nature - GoldenMane
Journey - Elefant Doc
Redeye Jedi - LEONE
Blue Moon - Pushloop
La'Shar (Leaf Remix) - Major Oak

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