The DOSE Finale with Niko - 2022.12.28

Added on Dec 30, 2022

Live recording of the series finale of The DOSE with Niko from December 28th, 2022.

Huge love and respect to all who have joined me on this venture in it's various shapes and forms over the last 12 years on's dub&bass stream. It's been an absolute pleasure to connect with you all and share great music. Please send me a message if the show made an impact on you, I'd love to hear about it. Enjoy this mix of recent and old favourites from my collection and may our paths cross again. Lots of love!

- Niko


Opening Mix:

Jah - ESP
No Face - ESP
Off & On Again - Karma
Colours - Biome
Dare I Say - Hella
Audiophile - ESP
I - Chad Dubz
Skies - Kloudmen
Redup - JUJU
Redup (Pinch remix) - JUJU
Higher - Breakage
Love or Hate - Quartz
NY Scrubs - Basura
What Does He Look Like - IDHS
Skanka VIP - Hamdi
Rubber Chicken - Caspa
Vadram - Kloudmen
Dreadnaught (Incandescent 40hz dub) - Icicle ft SPMC
Self Made - MYTHM
Pusha - MYTHM
Marcus Garvey (DJ Madd remix) - Congo Natty
Splash (Instrumental) - Slowie (Produced by Unkey)
Back Up - Hella
Untitled Bromley - Truant
New Age - Truant
Vivid Dream - Niko
Phase One - F
Four Leaf Clover (Von D remix) - Mr Lager ft Asher Dust
Voice (Mystic State remix) - Opus
No More Tears - Chief Kaya
Runtingz - Dubamine
Radar VIP - Distinct Motive
Moonshine - Distinct Motive & Groves
Ryno - Distinct Motive & Groves
3C 273 - Frenchless
Seek & Move - Yoofee
Czeck Mystik - Yoofee
Speakers Corner (Eskmo & Antiserum remix) - DJ Quest & Eskmo
Like Thunder - Danny Scrilla/Kromestar
Wounded - LAS
Aro VIP - Mr. K
Kingston Hot - J:Kenzo
Orijahnalz - Karma
Koko Riddim - Zamwise
Lurk (Sun Collective remix) - Nick E. Tee
Bare Hands (feat Komodo) - DJG
Here Come The Dark Lights - DJG
Sour - Headland
Winter Dreams - LAS
Cognac - Ivy Lab
Afflictions - Darj
Shimmer - Pugilist
Root (rework) - Niko
T-1000 - Swarms
Transform - Niko



Thanks NIKO <3 you've put me on to so much dub and bass music the past couple of years and appreciate it a lot! Hope to see a new series in the future



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